Our home-office structure already helps reduce our environmental impact. No commutes, no office footprint.

And, with the help of consulting organisations, our team is engaging with partners and suppliers to offer clients more sustainable solutions.

Two goals drive our efforts :

1- Reducing our footprint:

Lowering  of CO² emissions: With Greenly (www.greenly.earth), we are carrying out a company-wide carbon assessment  to measure our emissions and identify ways to  lower them.

Upgrading our sourcing: We’re working with production suppliers and transport partners to shift to more sustainable vehicles and processes.

Recycling:  We’re working with service providers to improve  local waste sorting channels in  the location of each advertising campaign.


2- Offsetting emissions

  • systematic carbon offsetting of each advertising campaign – active in 2021

Hold-On productions now offsets the carbon emissions linked to the implementation of each advertising campaign via the Reforest’action program (www.reforestaction.com). The offsetting is done by financing tree plantations equivalent to the carbon expenditure generated by the use of the vehicles and other materials used in our ad campaigns.

  • offsetting residual emissions linked to the team’s day-to-day activities

All human activity involves C0² emissions. With Greenly, we have launched an assessment of the emissions we produce through our travel and the use of computers, phones and other routine activity and find ways to compensate or offset them. We hope that these two axes will allow us to achieve full carbon neutrality in all our activity.

Hold-On Productions and G.R.E.E.N.

Aware of the need to be involved in an ecological approach, Hold-On Productions
has chosen to join the G.R.E.E.N. network.Created in Haute-Savoie and co-created by local companies, the G.R.E.EN network quickly proved its merit by federating a few hundred companies and more than 8000 collaborators that strive for the sustainable territorial development.

The network is managing 3 main problem-solving topics and ten working groups have been set up to tackle these problems


We are talking about collaborators’ mobility and also about transport in general (business travel, transport of products, etc.). In 2017, one of the network’s first projects was the creation of a partnership with a carpooling application (Klaxit) for everyday journeys.


A second major topic is about the way energy is used in buildings (both company buildings and collaborators’ homes). How to improve energy efficiency in all these places,
and how to produce energy locally and/or in a network.

Local Circular Economy

The third major topic is about the circular economy as a whole. It takes into consideration the aim for ‘zero industrial waste’ (recycling and reuse), support for local manufacturers and locally operating businesses (short circuit product) and local biodiversity (permaculture).

Find projects set up by GREEN via the following link

learn more about projects, click here!